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Our organization VILLAGE CARE SOCIETY is a non-profitable, non-political organization. It is registered under Maharashtra Societies registration Act 1961.

The organization has been involved in social work. We need to tackle poverty at two levels both economic and social. Economic poverty can be overcome by investing material resources but to overcome social poverty is for more challenging. It is not only need, involvement or participation, it needs a change in attitude of people.

We have implemented several programmes, people of this area are highly satisfied with the glorious activities in this area.They have come forward spontaneously to help and co-operative in all possible ways. I am proud of the local people; their love and blessings help us to to expedit our development activities. I have a good relations with administrative people who care for us. I am very greatful to them and also proud of our organization. We are able to continue its development oriented activities for better awareness in the community. To cross the poverty line and to save distress family it has extended its activities out side its Block. Our executive committee has emphasized more importance to awareness development and specially action for child and women development.

Our organization have done commendable jobs through the implemention of development activities in the rural area mostly in tribal Community.

We have enough confidence, courage and firm determination to face any challenges. We need heartfull guidance and co-operation from all section of the people and Govt.

Mrs. Anita Motiram Meshram
Warm regards,

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